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Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) states that energy output can be decreased by about 10% due to dirt and other residues. In areas with more bird dropping, pollution, or dust, the efficiency can decrease as high as 15-20%.

Access Gutter Cleans’ Solar Panel Cleaning Service provides a solar panel cleaning service designed to help improve the performance and efficiency of solar panels, both for domestic and commercial users. We also offer a number of servicing and maintenance packages to help ensure solar panel installations are looked after effectively.

Improve your Solar Panel Efficiency with Professional Solar Panel Cleaning.

Dirty, poorly maintained solar panels will suffer from output problems and significantly impact your return on investment. This means higher electricity bills! Ensuring that solar panels are kept in a good condition and regularly cleaned is vital to helping achieve a strong, sustained output. Living on the coast, with the increased in salt are can also effect the efficiency of your solar panels.

Cleaning your solar panels every 2 years will help increase the output of the system.
Our height safety certified team are highly skilled in dealing with solar panels, often in high-level situations where access is only suitable for professionals.

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